Who are we

SINFO is a non-profit, college student, organization responsible for organizing one of the biggest Tech conferences in Portugal. It's an annual, non-profit event whose goal is to create a suitable, tech friendly environment to learn, share and explore through keynotes, workshops, presentations and much, much more!


The main event takes place every year during one week.


SINFO takes place at the Alameda Campus of Instituto Superior Técnico, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.


Our main goal is to allow students and general attendance to interact and be closer with influential, important and interesting people or companies in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science.

For how much?

NOTHING! We commit to make everything available for FREE! You just need to show up to enjoy the event.

Is that it?

Absolutely not! Despite the annual SINFO conference being our main event, we organize much more things and cooperate with a lot more communities and companies during the year.


Drew Hintz
Security and Software Engineer @ Google
Mike Ambinder
Experimental psychologist currently working at Valve Corporation
Leonard Boyarsky
Creative Director at Obsidian Entertainment
James Cunningham
Technical Director on The Lord of the Rings
Huyen Tue Dao
Android Developer @ Trello
Eric Klinker
President & CEO at BitTorrent Inc.

The team

Bárbara Mateus
Rodrigo Martins
André Domingues
Diogo Franco
Mafalda Antunes
Pedro Saraiva
Miguel Araújo
Adriana Domingos
José Cândido
João Antunes
Filipa Costa
Inês Martins
Nuno Pires
Rafael Martins
João Moura
Daniela Costa
Diogo Lopes
João Tiago
Carlos Faria
Cátia Pereira
Gonçalo Farinha
Francisco Pereira
Diogo Leitão
Rodrigo Lousada
Ana Pereira
Tiago Costa
Miguel Cruz

Meet us!

Want to talk? We love to talk! Come join us for a cup of coffee (or beer) or, if you prefer, drop us a line!

  • Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
  • geral@sinfo.org

Sponsor us!

Want to sponsor us? Awesome!

We're still prepping for another awesome SINFO edition, so our sponsor info isn't finished yet.

But feel free to reach us at geral@sinfo.org

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