SINFO is considered to be one of the biggest college-organized events, and one of the most important technological events in Portugal.


Our main goal is to allow students and general attendance to interact and be closer with influential, important and interesting people or companies in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science.


The 22nd annual edition will take place from 23 to 28 February 2015.

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NOTHING! We commit to make everything available for FREE! You just need to show up to enjoy the event.


SINFO takes place at the Alameda Campus of Instituto Superior Técnico, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

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March 16, 2015

We are recruiting!!

If you like technology, have initiative, creativity, team spirit and you would like to organize one of the best events in Portugal, this is your chance!! learn how!

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One week filled with talks from the best speakers!

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SINFO 22 Speakers

Helder Pinto

3D game environment artist at Blizzard

Scott Chacon

CIO and R&D VP of Github

Minh Le

Computer game developer and creator of Counter-Strike

Carlos Fonseca

Executive IT Architect at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center.

Josh Bleecher Snyder

Software Engineering Manager at PayPal and card.io Co-Founder

Bethany Andres-Beck

Software Engineer at Twitter

Adam Baldwin

Chief Security Officer at &yet and Team Lead at ^lift security

Steve Francia

Chief Operator: Open Source at Docker

Steve Huffman

Co-Founder of Reddit and Hipmunk

Phil Calçado

Director of Engineering at SoundCloud

Peter Sunde

Co-founder and ex-spokesperson of The Pirate Bay

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Software Engineer at Yahoo!

Alberto López

Developer Evangelist at Braintree_Dev. A Paypal Company

Speakers from previous editions

Click on the pictures to watch the talk on YouTube
Richard Stallman

Founder of GNU and the Free Software Foundation

Joel Spolsky

Founder of Fog Creek Software and creator of Stack Overflow

Ray Muzyka

Founder of BioWare and its former CEO

Trina Gregory

Senior Lecturer at University of Southern California

Rick Falkvinge

Founder and first party leader of the Swedish Pirate Party.

Jason Gregory

Lead programmer at Naugthy Dog

Rasmus Lerdorf

Creator of PHP scripting language

Alan Shaw

Co-Founder of the Meteor London meetup group

Adam DuVander

Developer Communications Director at SendGrid

Afonso Salcedo

Founder of Sutro Studios. Former Pixar and Dreamworks


Learn amazing things with the very best on our hands-on workshops.

Photo by Chris Waring featuring Alan Shaw and Oli Evans at the Nodeschool Workshop!

Technological Exibition

A spot where enterprises can present themselves and benefit from a direct contact with the students. This space will be home to a showcase with various gadgets and interaction devices for the public to experience as well as a meet-and-greet with some of the speakers. The exposition will take place every day of the event, during the entire day.

Enterprise Presentations

For 45 minutes, enterprise speakers discuss about a chosen theme or project their company has worked on and that is normally related to the specific day’s theme. The fields of activity of the enterprise are also discussed, as well their major clients and most interesting projects. At the end, there is some time reserved for Q&A.

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What they say about us

Joel Spolsky - "I don't recall any American university where the students promote their own conferences."

Rob Bishop - "I think this is the best lineup I've ever seen!"

Ray Muzyka - "It’s amazing what you have done without any university funding!"

Afonso Salcedo- "Congratulations for the conference, you're really doing an amazing job and you should be proud. You Rock!"

Adam DuVander- "The energy and interest from the attendees of SINFO has to be my favorite part of the event. With that kind of atmosphere, optimism is contagious. What a perfect setting for technical creativity."


Among the enterprise presentations, speakers presentations, debate panels, workshops and the tecnological exposition the last edition was home to more than 4000 participants.


In an independent inquiry from SAPO Developers Blog, SINFO was considered to be in the top 3 best IT events in Portugal.

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The Team

Jorge Palma

Manuel Alves

Cláudia Filipe

Joana Fonseca

Mariana Paulo

Diogo Nicolau

Francisco Dias

João Barata

Mike Duarte

Pedro Saraiva

Rafael Santos

Rodrigo Martins

Adriana Domingos

Carina Antunes

Mafalda Antunes

Mafalda Magro

Yuliya Plotka

André Domingues

Diogo Lopes

Diogo Pais

Francisco Gonçalves

João Antunes

João Chitas

Nuno Pires

Tiago Ramos

Andreia Matias

Miguel Araújo

Duarte Paiva

Miguel Cordeiro

Inês Urbano

Join Us!

If you like technology, think you have initiative, creativity, team spirit and would like to organize one of the best events in Portugal, this is your chance!!

Send us an email to rh@sinfo.org with the subject "Recrutamento SINFO" and the following details:

  • Name, email and phone number;
  • University, degree and year attending;
  • Student number [If IST student];
  • And tell us why would you like to join.

As soon as we analize it, we'll send you an email with more details and the next step!

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